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Why A Vaccination Amnesty?

Why a Vaccination Amnesty
23/02/2017 Parkvets

Why a vaccination amnesty?

Do you ever wonder why vets are so tenacious about reminding you to get your pet vaccinated?

Vaccination is the only safe way to protect your pets against a number of dangerous diseases that threaten to infect our pets in the UK. Regular, annual vaccinations help to keep your pet protected from these diseases throughout their lives.  Because immunity to some diseases can gradually fade, your pet can be left at risk. This is why we advise our clients to visit us at least once a year to receive their vaccination boosters.

When you first brought your new bundle of fluff home, they would have either gotten their vaccinations via their breeder or you would have brought them to the vet to receive their two injections. That was the start of your pet’s protection against diseases like Feline Leukaemia or Canine Parvovirus. In order for that protection to continue, their booster injections need to be given every 12 to 15 months.

Pet Vaccination

Canine Parvovirus and leptospirosis are the most current and widespread threats to dogs, depending on where you live. Both of these diseases can prove fatal to the dog and leptospirosis poses a potentially serious risk to human health as well. Your puppy or dog will have been vaccinated against these diseases usually along with hepatitis, distemper, and parainfluenza.

The vaccinations received by your kitten or cat will normally protect against feline infectious enteritis, “cat flu,” and feline leukaemia. Some cats will also be vaccinated against chlamydophila felis, a common cause of severe conjunctivitis.

When your pet’s vaccination due date has passed by over 3 months, the vaccination course will need to be restarted. Vets hold ‘vaccination amnesties’ in order to get your pet’s vaccination course back up to date at minimal cost. During a vaccination Amnesty, your pet will receive their two injections for the price of one.


Until the 31 March 2017, we will be running a vaccination amnesty throughout our nine branches.


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