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Meet The Vets

Centres of Excellence



Advanced Practitioner

Dr Alex Davies Surgical Director

With over 12 years of service with Parkvets Dr Davies is our lead orthopaedic vet.  Having achieved his Certificate in small animal surgery in  2015 he went on to add an Imaging Certificate in 2018.  Dr Davies also works with the British Veterinary Association and is a speaker at the London Vet Show.


Senior Practitioner

Dr Martin Au

Martin has been with Parkvets since 2008 when he joined as a new graduate.  He has gone on to become a senior clinician and to achieve his Certificate in small animal surgery.  Martin loves to work, but he also loves to travel and will often be seen in far flung corners of the world.  He has a reputation within the practice for his fearsome appetite and he can usually be bribed with food.

General Practitioner

Dr Rose Edmonds

Dr Edmonds started her work with Parkvets at the Belvedere clinic where she enjoyed strong relationships with her clients and patients.  Her move to the hospital allowed her to pursue her surgical Certificate and to work alongside senior colleagues.  Dr Edmonds expects to become an Advanced Practioner within the next two years.



Senior Practitioner

Dr Shannon Gaffaney

Dr Gaffaney joined the practice in 2006 bringing her expertise in ophthalmology with her. Dr Gaffaney is a strong general practitioner and she provides coaching and mentoring for her less experienced colleagues.  Dr Gaffaney is currently studying for her Certificate in Ophthalmology to better align her experience and her formal qualifications.


General Practitioner

Dr Rita Moreira

Dr Moreira joined Parkvets in 2018 and now runs the Petts Wood clinic.  Her particular interest is ophthalmology and she will be starting her Certificate training in early 2020.  Whilst much of her work is in general practice Dr Moriera is able to support and and learn from Dr Gaffaney in equal measure.


Senior Practitioner

Dr Daniella Santos

Daniella joined Parkvets in the autumn of 2017 with the express aim of developing the care we provide for our exotic patients.  Daniella qualified in 2012, and soon began to work towards her Advanced Certificate in Exotics.

Daniella is currently on a sabbatical until Sept 2020 whilst she carries out her duties as Chairman of the British Veterinary Association.

General Practitioner

Dr Sam Mak

Dr Mak has been with Parkvets since the summer of 2018 and is working as a General Practitioner across all our sites.  His particular interest is exotic species and he is already gaining a reputation for his genuine care of our more unusual patients.


Senior Practitioner

Dr Emily Capes

After joining Parkvets in 2012 Dr Capes quickly moved into a hospital vet role.  Her dedication, intellect and communication skills made her a natural fit for the busy hospital environment.  She quickly gained her  Certificate in small animal medicine and has now extended her reach to dentistry.

Internal Medicine and Imaging

Senior Practitioner

Dr Tiphany Perrez Clinical Director

With her Certificate in Imaging Dr Perrez has developed an even more specific interest in oncology.  Her empathetic style and ability to support both patients and owners through the trauma of cancer treatment provide the perfect backdrop to her role as Clinical Director.

Advanced Practitioner

Mr Graham Peck

As the practice’s longest serving veterinary surgeon Graham Peck is our most experienced clinician. As a diploma holder in radiology, Graham conducts our MRIs each month and is constantly called upon by his colleagues for second opinions and guidance – something he enjoys and encourages.

Senior Practitioner

Dr Claire Ball

Having been with Parkvets since 2012 Dr Ball is an experienced practitioner who is most often found out in the community as part of our Parkvets at home initiative.  She is a keen medic and thoroughly enjoys acting as mentor and coach for her less experienced colleagues on the days she is consulting at the hospital.  Dr Ball will be starting her Certificate in Imaging in 2020.

General Practitioner

Dr Marisa Vicente

Since completing her Veterinary Masters in 2015 Dr Vicente has steadily developed her skills and her career.  She joined the Parkvets hospital team in the autumn of 2018 and brought with her a passion for medicine.  Dr Vicente is currently studying for her Certificate in Small Animal Medicine and this, combined with her particular interest in imaging, makes her a great complement to our surgeons.

Senior Practitioner

Dr Tom Coleman

Dr Coleman is the resident vet at Parkvets’ Longfield clinic.  He is an experienced clinician who prefers the diversity of general practice to the niche of one particular area. With his Certificate in Small Animal Medicine and his 11 years with the practice, Dr Coleman is a pivotal member of the clinical team.

parkvets eltham

General Practitioner

Dr Emily Brady

Having enjoyed a very successful position as the resident vet at the Parkvets Eltham clinic, Emily is now on the the hospital team.  Her clinical skills and her natural ability to manage a very busy workload, make her a real asset to our busy hospital team.  Emily is a keen sports person, keeping fit through cycling and tennis, and is about to embark on her Certificate in Imaging.  2020 will be a busy year for her.

Emergency and Critical Care

Senior Practitioner

Dr Carolyn Smith-Evans

Dr Smith-Evans joined Parkvets in the summer of 2018 bringing her experience to the role of Duty Vet.  In addition to providing emergency care when needed, she has responsibility for the care of our in-patients and works alongside the ward nurses and the case vets to ensure that the agreed treatment plans are delivered as planned.  Dr Smith-Evans is poised to complete her Certificate in Small Animal Medicine within the next few months.

Senior Practitioner

Dr Thomas Rejmak

Dr Rejmak came to Parkvets as an experienced night vet.  He thoroughly enjoys the challenge of emergency work and is focused on delivering exceptional care when clients and patients are at their most vulnerable.

Senior Practitioner

Dr Miguel Uncetabarrenechea

Dr Uncetabarrenechea joined Parkvets as part of our night vet team in 2019.  He is passionate about the need for accessible and high quality OOH care for companion animals and is enjoying the diversity and challenge of providing emergency care when people most need it.  He is currently studying for his Certificate in Small Animal Surgery.


Parkvets | VIP Junior Plan - Kittens 2

Senior Practitioner

Dr Anna Czarnecka

Biog on its way

Feline Medicine

Advanced Practitioner

Dr Kate Stainforth

Dr Stainforth has headed up the Parkvets’ Swanley clinic since 2010 and has developed her interest in Feline Medicine during that time.  Dr Stainforth spearheaded Parkvets’ Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation and found the time to gain her Certificate in Small Animal Medicine in 2017.

General Practitioner

Dr Rebecca Molloy

Graduated in 2015 Dr Molloy joined Parkvets in 2018 and became part of the Parkvets Longfield and Swanley teams.  She also spends time consulting and in surgery at the hospital where she is particularly enjoying developing her imaging and diagnostic skills .  Dr Molloy is currently undertaking her Certificate in Feline Medicine and expects to become an Advanced Practitioner in the near future.

2018 Junior Vets

2019 Junior Vets

Our 2018 graduates have gone from strength to strength during their first 18 months in practice.  Dr Amy Lord now heads up our Hayes clinic, Dr Kirsten Beggs is resident at the Eltham  branch and Dr Rita Moriera is managing Petts Wood whilst also extending her interest and training in Dentistry.  Dr Sam Mak has made his mark as our Exotics vet.  Not a bad start to their careers with Parkvets.

We are delighted to welcome our 2019 Graduates to Parkvets.  Poli, Sam and Tom all graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London, and they are already finding their feet as general practitioners working across all of our clinics and at the hospital.  (Please forgive the photo quality – we are waiting or our pro photographer to visit.)

Floating vets

2018 graduate Dr Isabella Harding is a valued member of our floating vet team.  She hasn’t yet chosen a field of interest but she is really enjoying her regular consulting times on a Wednesday at our Chislehurst Clinic.

Dr Luca Fortuna qualified in 2018 and is a strong all-rounder.  He spends much time consulting at the Parkvets hospital and has regular slots at our Belvedere clinic where he is really enjoying getting to know clients and their pets.

Dr Sarah Askin qualified in 2018 and joined Parkvets as her second job.  She is currently one of our floating vets and she is enjoying the diversity of her role.

Having qualified in 2016 before spending time as our resident Eltham vet,  Dr Dworecka returned to us in 2019 after time away in Poland.  Dr Dworecka is an all round vet who has yet to turn her thoughts to one particular area, but in the meantime continues her studies in general practice and provides support across all areas.